How long is the course?

Gearing Up is typically delivered over about twenty hours.

When does the course run?

Depending on local course sponsors, the course may be given over weekends, weeknights or in some cases, weekdays. Check with the sponsor in your area to confirm when the course is offered.

What if it rains during the course?

Courses run rain or shine, be sure to bring the appropriate riding gear.

I’ve never ridden a motorcycle before, is Gearing Up the right course for me?

Gearing Up is intended for people who have no riding experience. It’s also a useful refresher for riders who have been away from motorcycling for several years and are returning to the sport.

Who teaches the Gearing Up course?

The course is taught by experienced motorcyclists who have completed a Canada Safety Council-mandated instructor preparation program. In addition to the initial instructor preparation course, each year instructors must take a re-certification course to qualify for continuing certification by the Canada Safety Council as a Gearing Up instructor.

Do I need a motorcycle to take the course?

No, each student is provided with a motorcycle to use over the course of the training weekend.

What kind of motorcycle will I learn on?

Local Gearing Up sponsors typically have a variety of small displacement motorcycles for student use during training.

Will I get my motorcycle operator’s license if I pass the Gearing Up course?

All provincial governments encourage new motorcyclists to take professional training prior to starting to ride. Many provinces allow Gearing Up students to be tested for their motorcycle operator’s licenses at the Gearing Up training site immediately upon completion of the Gearing Up course. Regulations vary from province-to-province so check with the local course sponsor and/or the provincial Ministry of Transportation.

Is there an additional fee for the motorcycle test?

Usually, the cost of the provincial on-bike skills test is included in the Gearing Up course fee.

If I don’t pass the final test can I be re-tested?

Re-test policies are set by local Gearing Up sponsors

Will I get an insurance discount if I take Gearing Up?

The Canada Safety Council’s Gearing Up is the most widely recognized novice motorcycle rider training course in Canada. It is possible that upon successful completion of a Gearing Up program you’ll qualify for a discount on your motorcycle’s insurance. It is important that you check with your insurance broker to confirm if you qualify for any insurance discounts.

How will an insurance company know if I’ve taken and passed a Gearing Up course?

If you pass the Gearing Up course you’ll be given a Canada Safety Council Gearing Up graduate card signed by your instructor. You’ll have to present that card to your insurance broker.

How will I know if a course is a Canada Safety Council-approved Gearing Up course?

Ask the local provider of the training if the course is a Canada Safety Council-approved training site using Canada Safety Council-certified instructors. If you still unsure contact the Canada Safety Council directly