Canada Safety Council: Canada’s Source for Motorcycle Rider Training

Since 1974 the Canada Safety Council has been the leader in the development of professional, accredited motorcycle rider training programs for Canadians. The Canada Safety Council’s flagship rider training program is Gearing Up, the acknowledged national benchmark for novice rider training.

Continuing its leadership role in the development of innovative motorcycle safety programs, in 2012, the Canada Safety Council has introduced the first of its kind, an on-line motorcycle safety program.Using input from motorcycle safety professionals from across Canada and around the World the Canada Safety Council will continue to develop new, up-to-date programs for motorcyclists of all levels of expertise and disciplines. Check back later to see what’s new!

Gearing Up

The most widely available novice motorcycle rider training program in Canada. A national network of delivery partners offer on-bike and in-class training.

Motorcycle Safety Online


Using the best available on-line learning techniques to get acquainted with what’s involved in becoming a competent motorcyclist.